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Inexpensive, Unused Pickett Slide Rules

Pickett was the leading maker of educational market slide rules in the U.S. Their low-cost rules were not necessarily a joy to behold or use, but they got the job done and cheaply. Today, when slide rules are no longer manufactured (anywhere in the world, as far as I've been able to determine), Luddites like me (and, perhaps you, since you're reading this) can benefit from the large reserve of unused Pickett rule sets still extant in office supply warehouses and school district auctions across the country.

The Pickett rules offered here for sale are arranged (more or less) in order of increasing complexity. All Pickett rules in this section are unused product. They are complete as they came when you could buy them in the college bookstore. All have instructions, case and original packaging (the one exception is the N3 Powerlog, it comes with the case, only).

Plastic Pickett Rules

Pickett 160C, Available in white (160C-T) or "eye-saver" yellow (160C-ES, depicted above). The 160C comes in a clear, rigid case labeled: "BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CAUSED BY COMPUTER POWER FAILURE. (Sorry, this item currently unavailble.)

Pickett Model 115T. Anice, simple slide rule, perfect for the beginner. Complete with instruction manual. $79.

Pickett Model 115 Slide Rule Set

Pickett Model 140. This is, perhaps, Pickett's nicest rule, (unless you prefer aluminum). Highly functional and easy to use and read. Mint-in-Box w/ all orig. pieces / accessories: case, manual. Available with black scales, only. Also available with scales in both black and red (sorry, black and red scale version is sold out.) for improved readability (inverse scales are in red, please see photo just below). - SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD OUT.


Pickett Model 140 Slide Rule Set

The Pickett Model 140, 22-scale log-log rule is the perfect choice for cost-conscious pedagogical applications where full-functionality, as well as consistency and completeness (manuals, cases) are desired. Scales on the 140 are: (front) LL02, LL03, DF, CF, CIF, L, CI, C, D, LL2, LL3, (back) LL01, K, A, B, Cos S, Sec T ST, T, C, D, DI, LL1. $119.

Pickett Model 125. Idenitcal to the 140 but lacking log log scales. Complete, new-condition set: $59.

Pickett "All-Metal" Rules

Pickett's touted their aluminum rules as a rough-and-ready replacement for "frail" wooden counterparts. May have been a little "specmanship" going on, but Pickett's pricing was more considerate of student's budgets.

Pickett N300 Slide Rule

Pickett N300, 5" "eye-saver" yellow aluminum technical rule. Complete set includes manual, warranty card, and box. (Also available in boring white). $149.

This Just in ...      

Pickett N500 Slide Rule Set

Pickett N500-ES, Yikes. It's pretty cool, after all these years, to find such a thing. 10" aluminum log-log engineering rule. Complete set includes leather case, manual, warranty card, and box. $149. (Currently available only in WHITE color).

Pickett N600 Slide Rule Set

Pickett N600, These are really nice:small format but able to perform all the calculations of the N500. Complete set includes leather case (with handy pocket clip), manual, warranty card, and box. $195. Available in yellow and white.

Pickett N3p Slide Rule Set

Pickett N3p, The ultimate rocket for you pocket. Complete set includes leather case (with handy pocket clip), manual, warranty card, and box. $249..

Pickett N3/N600 "Combo" Slide Rule Set


Pickett N3/N600 - you need one,I mean, two. Complete set includes leather cases (with handy pocket clip), manual, warranty card, and box. $395..

Pickett N515-T. Cleveland Institute of Electronics special version. These rules were often seen in the evening, after dinner was cleared, on the kitchen table, where many an aspiring electronics technician would burn the midnight oil to get a new career so they could quit that menial job at the grocery. These are great for anyone doing work with electrical calculations involving reactances and/or resonant frequency (special scales). The reverse side is devoted to formulae, constants, and a special decimal point finder (should be helpful to all of you calculator addicts!). The rule is new-condition; leather case (gold-tone embossed "Cleveland Institue of Electronics") has a couple of small scuffs. Includes belt loop. $129.

Pickett B1. The only bamboo rule that Pickett ever sold. Made in Japan by the same folks who brought us the wonderful Lafayette rules. Ths rule has a great scale layout. Condition is new. Exquisite specimen. Quite rare. $795.


Pickett Classroom Demo Rule

Pickett Classroom Demo Rule. Full-function, Log Log Classroom Slide Rule. Scale set matches most Pickett technical rules such as N800, N300. Four feet in length. Painted plywood with plastic and metal cursor. Condition is Very Good. (Sold) (Shipping on this item is FREE to anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.)

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Eugene Dietzgen Co. Slide Rules


Dietzgen Cat. No. 1773 System Darmstadt Pocket Rule. Superb, German-made slide rule with remarkable functionality for a 'quasi-simplex' format. It has the basic Arithmetic scales (C, D, C-inverse), Trigonometric scales, and three decades of Log Log scales (reverse of slide). In addition, it is equipped with the Squared and Cubed scales (A, B, K), a Pythagorean scale, a ruler on the obverse top edge, a metric rules on the reverse top edge, and special gauge marks on the indicator for pi/4 and power calculation. All of it is explained in the manual (included). It comes with a nifty pigskin slipcase. The set is complete, although the box is quite worn, the rule and case are like new. (Sorry, this item is not available under terms of Slide Rule Express except for established customers.) $225.

Dietzgen Cat. No. 1776 Duplex Redi-Rule Set. Very handy little model. Complete set, including case with pocket clip, instruction manual and original box. (This item is not available under terms of Slide Rule Express.) $175.

Dietzgen Cat. No. 1771 Redi-rule. Really neat and very practical 5-inch plastic rule. 11-scale Mannheim layout features inch and mm straightedges. Beautifully made; high-quality production is evident in the level of detail and accuracy of the paint-filled marking and even the leather case. Complete set with instructions, leather slipcase, trademark Dietzgen orange, two-piece box. The enitre set is in new condition. Instruction booklet is creased from fitting into box. Made in U.S.A. $99.

Dietzgen Field Book. "Field book manufactured of high grade 50% Rag Paper having a Water Resisting Surface and is sewed with Bing Special Enamel Waterproof Thread. Made in U.S.A." 16 pages of mathematical reference tables and diagrams in the back. The rest is blank - for your "field data". Approx 4 3/4" x 7 1/4". Attractive "Dietzgen" embossed cover. $36.

Dietzgen Cat. No. 1767 "National" Slide Rule Set. A good, quality, basic-function slide rule. Complete set, with case, instruction manual and original box. (Click HERE for close-up image of rule.) $39. SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD.

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Keuffel and Esser Slide Rule Sets -

All items are limited availability and subject to prior sale.

(K+E sets are not available under terms of Slide Rule Express)

K+E 68 1622 Polyphase (old 4053-3). Complete, mint set (photo above) includes slide rule, hunter-green case, manual, care booklet and box - like new. $325.

K+E 4053-2. Very rare, 8-inch version of the popular 4053. Very good condition, lightly used. (no case) $195.

K+E 4161-1 Polyphase Pocket Slide Rule (photo above). New condition (box has a missing flap and a small spot where the green surface was torn off, apparently when a price sticker was removed). This is a relatively rare version, in the late-style packaging. Complete set includes leather case (with pocket clip), instruction manual. $279.

K+E 68 1287 Log Log Duplex Decitrig Pocket Slide Rule (old 4181-1C). This is actually a 4181-1 under K+E's re-vamped model numbering scheme; in fact the rule is marked "4181-1" on the end, just as they were before the new scheme was introduced. It took K+E a few years to make the numbering-system change-over, and by the time they had, slide rules were considered obsolete! HERE is a better photo of the rule, itself. This is a complete NOS set, including the green leather case with handy pocket clip, manual and care booklet in original box (box does exhibit some reasonable wear). (Sold)


K+E 68 1215 Log Log Duplex DeciTrig Slide Rule (old 4081-3S). Complete mint set (photo above). This is the mainline K+E workhorse slide rule, the final, copyright 1947 scale set, used by technical professionals throughout the world, realized in mahogany and celluloid. Complete set, with case, manual, and care booklet. Everything is in mint, unused condition - rule is factory-sealed (box does show some wear). $1650.

K+E 68 1318 Log Log Duplex Trig Slide Rule (old 4080-3S). Complete mint set (photo above). This is the reincarnation of the venerable 4080, much like the decitrig, but with the trig scales marked in units of degree, minutes and seconds instead of decimal degrees. Beautiful, mahogany construction. Complete set, with case, manual, and collateral paperwork. Mint, unused condition (box does show some wear). A rare and truly remarkable, historic item. $4000.


K+E 68 1100 Deci Lon - Their "flagship" rule, in perfect condition. Complete, mint set includes Deci Lon slide rule, original box, chamois-lined leather case, belt-clip attachment, hardcover manual, and care booklet (Sold). 

K+E 68-1130 5-inch Deci-Lon Slide Rule, (photo above). This is pretty much the Holy Grail (if you will) of slide rule collecting: K+E's slide rule apotheosis, in pocket format, unused-in-box. The box is a little marked-up and scuffed-up, but the contents are PERFECT. How many of these can there still be on this earth? These sets didn't come with a manual, but one is included for your reference. (I suppose the rationale for not including the manual was that the pocket rule was adjunct to the 10-inch model, which did come with a manual.) Price includes over-night shipping to any U.S destination. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. (Sold.)

K+E 4185-7 Clip-on Indictor Magnifier (photo above). Mounts on the indicator of any of these K+E 10" duplex rules, to provide better visibility and precision. Mounting clips fold up when not in use. Felt pouch, box. $95.

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- Frederick Post Slide Rule Sets -

Versalog Slide Rule No. 1460. This slide rule is a genuine classic and deservedly so, with one of the best scale layouts ever devised for professional technical work. The construction is bamboo, a wonderfully stable, mildly lubricious material. This set is unused and immaculate (the box is a little worn). It is complete with leather case, belt hook attachment, hardcover manual and warrany/care insert. $495

Versalog II Slide Rule No. 1460. The epitome of the Versalog's exemplars; this was the final iteration of the rule with several improvements including the addition of the "A" scale, extension of R2 scale to reduce the need to reset indices, the addition of radian identification on trigonometric scales allowing direct conversion of radians to degrees and vice-versa, color-coded (3rd color, green) trig scales, mathematical notations on scale labels to clarify fnctionality, and several others. This is a flawless, like new, specimen of the model and includes the manual, which is even harder to find than the rule! $375.

"Pocket" Versalog Slide Rule No. 1461. Amazing! This a complete, boxed set of the pocket version of the 1460, and exactly replicates the wonderful scale set. It is also bamboo and celluloid. This set is unused and in beautiful condition (box has a few dings). It is complete with pocker-clip leather case, softcover instructions and warrany/care insert. Hardbound Versalog Slide Rule Instructions will be included, upon request. $750.

Chemistry Slide Rule No. 1491. Has special scales for various chemistry-related calculations including molar concentrations / ratios, atomic weights, molecular weights, water boiling / condensing points versus pressure and temperature, and more. Click HERE to see a close up of the front of the rule and click HERE to see the back. Complete set includes case with removable belt clip, instruction manual, case booklet and box. Rule and case are in new condition. Manual and box show some slight wear. $1750.

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- Sun Hemmi Slide Rule Sets -

Sun Hemmi #266 Electronics Slide Rule, Sun Hemmi #266 "Electronics" Slide Rule is designed with the electrical/electronics engineer in mind, equipped as it is, with numerous scales (one side of this duplex rule is completely devoted to special scales) for the straightforward calculation of of numerous parameters presumably of interest to Electrical Engineers and their ilk, including R-L-C time constants and 3-dB points, complex impedances, surge impedances (transmission lines), parallel / series network impedances, resonant frequencies / wavelengths, dB ratios, phase relationships, and the like. A special extension of the standard log-log scales enables calculations into the range of 10^-9, for working with nanoseconds, etc.; a nice very touch. Construction is classic Hemmi bamboo and celluloid with engine cut, paint-filled graduations. The rule has some 24 scales, many multiple use, in navy, red and green colors. Rule is marked "SUN HEMMI JAPAN NO. 266" and "ELECTRONICS". Cursor is nickel-plated brass, with glass indicators. Set includes unused slide rule, leather case, copy of instruction manual. Please note that this rule suffered some rust-staining while in storage, mostly affecting just one end, around the plated steel brace. (Sorry, this item is not available under terms of Slide Rule Express.) (Sold).

Sun Hemmi #269 Civil Engineering Slide Rule, specialized rule facilitates various problems encountered by Civil Engineers including trig/survey calculations, triangle solutions, stadia and curve setting calculations, hydraulics and water head. With manual and brown leather case. Unused condition. Hemmi Bamboo and celluloid. $465.

- Scientific Instruments Inc. -

SIC No. 1610. One of the most awesome circulars ever made, double-sided, with independently rotating "slide" disk on front side. Scales are: (obverse) E1, CI, C, D, A, K, LL0, LL1, LL2, LL3, (reverse) DI, D, T, S, T, S, T, ST, LL0', LL1', LL2', LL3'; Construction is robust aluminum plate with thick plastic facing on each side. Scales and numerals are deep-cut and paint-filled. Indicator has ball bearings on perimeter to facilitate smooth indicating. Rule only. (This item is not available under the terms of Slide Rule Express.) $495

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- Lafayette -

Lafayette 99-7099 Decimalog - This is of my personal favorite slide rules. Well laid-out scales, nice looking, compact! Click HERE for another photo. $395.

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- Staedtler -

Steadtler Mars 544 28 Technical Slide Rule - This is an exquisitely beautiful and wonderfully capable rule. Complete set includes leather case, manual and box. (Sold)

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- Acumath -

(currently no Acumath)

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- Concise Circular Slide Rules -

Concise Type-E Weights and Measures, Conversion Tables and Circular Slide Rule. Five-scale circular with slide out panel containing a wealth of useful conversion tables and data. Rule is mint with plastic wrapper intact. Complete with vinyl slipcase. $45.

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