ok. here is my profile. though its more like an aim profile cause, well, it just feels like it.

ok. so, my favorite band is Relient K, and my current favorite song by them is "Hello McFly". my favorite colors are green, purple, and orange, and I have about 10 different possible nicknames,and I live for Jesus 'cause He died for me.

friends: Bailey: u r the best. ive known you for almost 10 years!!!!
Cheyenne: though we haven't been good friends for more than 2 years, it's funny how we get along so well. so here's some friendly advice- LEAVE HIM!!! you know what I mean
Ray:you are such a cool and spiritual friend. i feel like if i ever have a problem, you always have a solution and you always make me smile.
Jesse: you flirt. lol jk jk jk jk. just remember "save a horse, ride a cowboy!"
ummm i have to go now. ill do the rest later. ium so srry for y'sll that havn't gotten here yet. ill get u, dont worry. and if anyone who isnt wants to be there, tell me, ill write u ^. kk bye now!!!