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David Crate's Quality Slide Rules:
Policies and General Information

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Pricing and Descriptions
- Rule prices reflect scarcity as well as features.
- Prices are highly subject to change. Please do not ask for yesterday's price today!
- Rule lengths quoted refer to scale length, overall length is typically 1-2" longer than scale length.
- Descriptions of slide rule conditions are intended to be as accurate as possible while simultaneously encouraging an enthusiasm for the item in the mind of the potential buyer. All objective statements are true and accurate, as far as I know. All statements regarding subjective matters are my opinion (whose else would they be?) and are not meant to invoke or imply any authority beyond myself. Indeed, as far as I know, there is no such thing, on this particular topic.
- Please feel free to send email requesting further detail on any rule in which you have an interest. I will hold a rule for three days after an inquiry, or until I hear from you again - whichever comes first.
- Many rules listed are unusual, one-of-a-kind items and all are subject to prior sale. Rules that are available by Slide Rule Express are closer to the "commodity category" and are always available, if not marked otherwise. These rules may be ordered without first checking with me (per Slide Rule Express procedure). On the other hand, those items that are limited stock, or very rare, are marked to the effect "not available by Slide Rule Express".

Shipping Charges
- Listed Prices DO NOT include shipping charges. Standard (domestic U.S.) shipping and handling charge for most items or small-number combinations of items is $10. Insurance, if requested, is additional. Multiple-rule shipments will sometimes cost more, determined by weight. I will let you know ahead of time what the cost will be.
- International orders will typically be charged a handling fee in addition to actual shipping charges.

A fundamental object of this enterprise is to provide slide rules that my customers are happy to possess. If you are not perfectly satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund! (Shipping, packing/packaging, handling, and insurance charges are not generally refundable.) It is difficult to know exactly what a given rule is like until it is physically present and may be held, inspected and intimately "experienced". For this reason, it is expected that a certain portion of shipped rules will be returned due to my failure to perfectly communicate the character of the merchandise to the buyer. Rules may be returned, in original condition, within ten calendar days of customer receipt. The price of rule will be refunded after it is returned and determined to be in original condition. I try to be very fair in this - giving my customers the benefit of the doubt. If the rule and it's accessories have not, in any material way, been damaged, it can be returned! There is, in a minority of transactions, an important exception to this generalization: rules delivered with intact factory seals cannot be returned if the seal has been broken. This is because a significant but hard to quantify portion of the rule's value as a collector item is derived from the existence and rareity of the factory seal. However, this restriction does not apply to the large majority of rules on this website.

Slide Rule Express
The Slide Rule Express service, an honor-based "ship-before-pay" system, is, from my observations, an unusual and perhaps unique feature for a web-based business. I have my customers to thank for the unqualified success of the Slide Rule Express program. I have NEVER been stiffed by a slide rule customer. I don't find this surprising, but I do find it remarkable. I know that it probably wouldn't work with most other kinds of merchandise. But I serve an unusual class of people: intelligent, discriminating, and eccentric enough to possess a necessary honesty with themselves about findamentals regarding purpose and motivation. Slide rule customers are circumspect because they realize it is a rare priviledge to be so and to be able to be responsible for their actions in a self-deterministic, existential sense. But it is late and I'm beginning to wonder if any of this is comprehensible. ANyhoo - if you want a rule as quickly as possible, and there is no notation in the rule's description to the effect that Slide Rule Express does not apply, just send me an email telling me that you have mailed a check for the rule and shipping ($10 - if it's a bunch of rules, just forge ahead and we'll adjust it later, if necessary - I don't want to discourage large purchases!), and I will ship the next business day.

A Word about Slide Rule Valuation Requests
I am frequently asked to provide estimates of the dollar value of a slide rule possessed by some lucky, but slightly naive, individual who seems to be under the impression that there is some sort of Slide Rule Appraisal Authority from whence come regular pronouncements regarding the amount that certain models, etc., ought to be and bought for. A Slide Rule Bluebook, perhaps, published quarterly by the International Association of Slide Rule Dealers. (I don't mean to give the impression that everyone who asks for this kind of information has these sort of delusions, most requests are very resaonable and seem to expect about the right thing.) I don't mind giving my opinion, but I sometimes wonder how it is used. I sometimes wonder if it becomes more than the opinion of this hapless fool who sells slide rules over the Internet. If so, that would be incorrect. I have no qualms about helping a person get an idea of what his/her/its' rule might be worth, but please understand that my opinion is only a single data point. There is no established slide rule market, it's all just supply and demand. Chances are, your rule is worth more to you than it would be to anyone else, due to sentimental, and other such irreducible, phenomena. And it's value in dollars is exactly what someone is willing to pay you for it. If you would like my opinion of your slide rule's value, I am happy to provide it, but please provide me with adequate information. Ideally, you will ship the rule to me so that I may properly inspect it. Failing that, Please provide a number of the best-quality photographs you can arrange for and send them (by regular mail, please. digital images are not usually of sufficient qualiy and, when they are, they are too big for my mail server!) Please keep in mind, what you will get will be just man's opinion.

and, last but not least, the inevitable Privacy Statement
I do not compile, sell, or otherwise make any use of the information that you share with me, whether it is information needed to effect the transaction, or any other type that may be relayed in our communication, other than in possible future communications as may be appropriate based, on our previous interactions. I deplore "spam" email, dinnertime sales calls, "clubs" one must join to receive reasonable pricing in grocery stores, cashiers who ask for personal information*, and all other forms of invasive, target marketing. I will not participate in any such scheme, for profit, fun, or otherwise.

*of course, if it's intended for personal use, that's very different. But time has taken it's toll on my once sleek self and they all seem distracted by something ... maybe the slide rule in my breast pocket!

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